The Panic Attack Defence! Really?


Posted on 3rd July 2011 by Jai Ruparelia in Criminal Law

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Picture this situation, you go out and have a couple of glasses of wine. On your way home, you are stopped by the police in a routine RIDE program check.

First Divorce and Second Marriage


Posted on 29th June 2011 by Jai Ruparelia in Family Law |Immigration Law

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Co-Authored by Jay Chauhan and Jai Ruparelia, published in the Immigrant Newsline newspaper.

According to the 2006 Census data, approximately 44% of Torontonians are born in a foreign country. Newcomers to Canada bring with them certain traditions and cultural elements of their homeland. The unique cultural makeup of Canadian society is enhanced by customs brought by immigrants.

Cultural Bias Rearing Its Ugly Head


Posted on 26th May 2011 by Jai Ruparelia in Immigration Law

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Within the legal world, cultural bias may exist explicitly or even concealed behind an adjudicator’s decision. The importance of recognizing its existence by those whose legal rights are at stake or by the general observer is fundamental to the integrity of the justice system.




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Greetings to all of the visitors to the Lounge. I will be posting articles, news items, media items and anything exciting in the wonderful world of law and its related entities.

Employment, Immigration, Family and Criminal Law are the areas which will receive the most coverage. Nonetheless, other areas of law and even society will be given some attention.

Keep an open mind and most importantly, Enjoy.